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Transform Your Outdoor Lighting Business With Marketing

Marketing is a tough game. In my own outdoor lighting design and installation company, Enlightened Lighting, I’ve tried everything from ValPak to Home Mag to radio ads. I’ve tried Google Adwords, targeted remarketing, Facebook Ads, Houzz, Home Advisor, and other online marketing campaigns. I’ve tried selling lighting bundles and good/better/best packages. But after 18 years […]

Landscape Lighting Design: Keeping It Simple

Of all the lessons I’ve learned from running a lighting installation company, one of the most useful has been to keep things simple. From selection to landscape lighting design, I’ve found that the more choices you offer, the more complicated a project can get. By simplifying what my company offers, I’ve made things exponentially easier […]

Simplicity is the Key to Successful Lighting Design

If you’re in the business of outdoor lighting, you can sometimes feel like the man with the spinning plates at a carnival. In any given job, you have to balance an overwhelming number of variables: the exact placement of each and every fixture, the style of the lights, the installation team’s work orders, marketing and […]

Why We Chose NOT to Use LED Bulbs

LED has become the hottest buzz phrase in the lighting industry today. LED bulbs are cheaper, easy to replace, and easily interchangeable. However, for all the benefits, there are still many limitations. That’s why Sterling Lighting’s fixtures feature integrated LEDs instead. Many people ask us how we came to this decision. It ultimately came down […]

Pros and Cons Series of Light Fixture Materials

Pros and Cons Series of Light Fixture Materials When we design any light fitting we are extremely conscious of not only the light output but also the quality of the fixture. The materiality of outdoor lighting fixtures is important not only from a visual perspective but also from a durability standpoint. So what should you […]

Designing The Perfect Path Light

If you haven’t already noticed, we are obsessed with quality path lights. Not only are path lights required for safety purposes, they also play a large role in the appearance of your garden in the evening light. From the installation side of things, we have installed thousands of path lights in the gardens residential properties. […]