Beating the Dog Days of Summer

For most in the lighting industry, summer is a time to finally catch your breath from the spring rush. You’ve installed beautiful projects and worked long hours ever since the winter weather broke. Now homeowners are taking vacations and so are you. You’re probably enjoying some time with your family and maybe hitting the beach for some relaxation.

But like many of us it gets a little scary when work starts to slow down right around now. Sometimes we realize that we’ve gotten so caught up working in our business that we’ve gotten distracted from working on our business. All the marketing we did in the early spring gave way to installations and now it feels like we’re far behind.


Don’t worry! Summer is the perfect time to jump back into best practices! Maintaining marketing efforts now will help ensure you don’t get dragged down by those dog days of summer.


Here are some suggestions for how to keep driving sales in the slower summer months!


  1.  Mail out letters to every homeowner with an outstanding proposal from the beginning of the year. Make sure you included a copy of the original proposal and we recommend offering a limited time discount!


  1.  Follow up every letter with a phone call a few days later. A quick call will definitely keep you on their radar and will encourage them to take a second look!


  1. Give your current clients a phone call to check in on their projects. It’s a great way to remind them you care and to offer help with any service they might need. It’s also a great opportunity to ask if they could refer you to anyone else who might be interested. Referrals are the best leads!


  1. Do some groundwork and place door hangers in targeted areas. This is especially great in areas where you’ve already done work and can use existing projects as examples!


  1. Make sure to use yard signs and deliver postcards to surrounding homes while you’re working. Sometimes we’ve even talked to interested neighbors while on the job site!

We hope you feel encouraged to press on even if these suggestions don’t net responses straight away. And remember that being consistent with marketing today and everyday ensures work for tomorrow.


We’re cheering for you!

Here to help you thrive!

The Sterling Lighting Team