Introducing Our New SL07 Bollard Light!

Sterling Lighting is excited to announce our latest fixture design, the SL07 Bollard Light! This low voltage, fully dedicated LED fixture has all the power of the SL07 Path Light in the simple, elegant style of a bollard light. Illuminate paths, driveways, garden beds, and more!


SL07 Bollard in the daytime.

SL07 Bollard illuminating greenery.

SL07 Bollard illuminating a garden bed.


  • Watt: 4W
  • Wire Lead: 10’-0” 18AWG
  • Color Temperature: 3000K
  • Operating Voltage: 9-15 volt range  

For more information about our Bollard, call us today at 1-703-454-8273. And be sure to visit our blog again soon, because we have a video in the works for the SL07 Bollard!

Three Reasons Our Mini Flood Light Shines

If you haven’t already added the SL04 Mini Flood Light to your design repertoire, we think you should. Here are three reasons we know you’ll love using the SL04 just as much as we do. Some of our reasons may surprise you!

The not-so-standard flood light

Even though it might look like a standard mini flood, it’s anything but standard. With a 140° beam spread and five adjustable lumen settings*, it just goes to show that not all lights are created equal. This mini monster of a light is a prime example.

Brighten dormers and gables with ease

Second and third stories on homes can be challenging to illuminate. Larger fixtures with more light output are heavy and unsightly, while lighter, smaller fixtures lack the appropriate output. But the power behind the SL04 means it only takes a few to light a large space all at once. Its compact size and weight means mounting it won’t be a chore, so mount it on the roof, in the gutter, or above a portico, and watch it shine!

A path light In disguise

The SL04 is amazing at highlighting vertical surfaces. But pair it with a 6”, 12”, 18” or 24” brass extension stem, and it transforms into a single direction pathway light! Who knew it could be so versatile!

SL04 illuminating a walkway

Do you have any creative ways you’ve used one of our fixtures? Have another topic you’d like to see us address? We’d love to hear about it! Give us a call at 703-454-8207 or send us an email at

*Adjustable lumen options: 400lm, 320lm, 240lm, 180lm, and 100lm.