Warranty Information


Sterling Lighting fixtures come with an industry-best, manufacturer-defect warranty.All dedicated and drop-in fixtures, including our SL01, SL04, SL07, SL07B, SL07P and SL08, have a lifetime warranty. This warranty does not include LEDs and electrical components.All integrated fixtures, including our SL02, SL09, and SL17, have a 10-year warranty. This warranty includes all LEDs and electrical components which are built into the fixture.Sterling Lighting uses the highest grade of marine-grade, virgin brass with a beautiful antique finish. This living finish is intended to age naturally and patina over time. It will react differently to various environments.


All integrated LEDs and electrical components sold after July 1, 2017 have a 10-year warranty. All integrated LEDs and electrical components sold before July 1, 2017 come with a 5-year warranty. Refer to our old warranty for more details on integrated LEDs and electrical components sold before July 1, 2017.Our Cafe Light LEDs come with a 3-year warranty.


Sterling Lighting transformers come with a lifetime warranty.


Dedicated fixtures refer to all fixtures with serviceable LEDs and drivers. This definition includes our SL01, SL04, SL07, SL07B, and SL07P.
Integrated fixtures refer to all fixtures with non-serviceable LED and electrical components. This definition includes our SL02, SL09, and SL17.
Drop-in bulbs refer to all fixtures that have a solid outer body and require a drop-in bulb. This definition includes our SL08.


Sterling Lighting only works with professional installation companies. All Sterling Lighting products are designed to be field repairable by a qualified installer. Sterling Lighting will provide component parts for field repairs as installers can realize a significant cost and labor saving. All warranted components, as stated in the above warranty, which are installed in the field, will be honored.NOTE: A Return Material Authorization (RMA) must be issued by Sterling Lighting prior to the return of any product.