Why Extra Inventory is Awesome

Have you ever been working diligently on an installation and had a homeowner happily approach you to request additional lights or say they’d like to go ahead with the next phase right away? It’s a great feeling! But then all of a sudden you remember…you don’t have any extra fixtures.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, you already know one of many reasons why it’s valuable to always carry a few more fixtures. Here are a few reasons having extra inventory is awesome:

  1. Over prepared is better! The difference between making a homeowner wait a few extradays and your ability to complete their request immediately could mean the difference between a merely satisfied customer and a completely delighted one. Every homeowner appreciates a well prepared professional.

  2. Homeowners love simple! Assuring a customer you can complete an add-on request during the main installation makes it easy on them. On the other hand, telling them you have to plan another trip can create a scheduling burden and can cause them to cancel the request.

  3. Eliminate return trips! Even if your customer is okay waiting a few extra days, it still means traveling back to their house again, which always adds cost. Having additional fixtures available for any add-ons not only saves the extra trip but also opens up your schedule for the next project to start sooner.

  4. Motivate technicians! A great way to challenge your technicians is to offer a bonus structure for additional fixtures they sell during the installation. One company we work with averages $1000 per week from fixtures added during projects!

  5. Save on shipping! Shipping costs can add up quickly when paying for just a few fixtures at a time. The larger the order, the lower the cost per fixture. And we are thrilled to announce that we are now offering shipping discounts for varying fixture quantities. Anytime you order a single fixture type in the quantities mentioned below, we’ll cover the corresponding percentage of the entire order!




So next time you’re preparing to order for a project, keep these in mind. We’re confident having extra inventory will set your team up to grow sales while also saving on shipping costs.